Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Helpful Theology Resources

Here are a couple of resources that I hope will be helpful and edifying.

Biblical Training is a web site that focuses on providing free theology teaching via MP3 and some downloadable materials. The site has put together many classes, and has three different levels: New Believers, which is intended for people new to the faith; Foundations, geared toward those lay people who are wanting to get a broad understanding of the faith; and Leadership, which is designed as lay eldership training.

This has been on my list for awhile, but they've recently started to convert their lectures to MP3. For many people who can't afford to be tied to a computer this is a huge boon. They are also trying to make these classes available to overseas people who don't have money for books or to pay someone to teach classes. BTW, Bill Mounce is now the president of Biblical Training (yes, that Bill Mounce).

The other helpful ministry I wanted to highlight was Teaching Resources, which is headed up by Jim Ehrhard, who also happens to be my pastor. Jim edits historical writings (mainly of Puritans) and then sends them out free of charge to any who would like them. He also makes the articles available online. The other part of his ministry is overseas teaching, where he volunteers his time to teach in seminaries and pastoral training centers overseas. Most of the past issues are still available for download from the website (although I don't think the latest couple are there yet). One highlight is the Death of Believers issue, which was published shortly after Jim's wife passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer.

I should add that both of these ministries would appreciate your prayers, and that financial support is always welcome. Biblical Training recently sent an e-mail that they have used up the majority of their available funds on the most recent class, and are awaiting more funds in order to work on a website overhaul and some other projects. Teaching Resources' policy is to publish an issue only when enough funds are available.

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