Thursday, October 30, 2008

Followup to Syncing Program

I've been meaning to revisit this for awhile now.

I was able to find something that worked for me. It was from [cough] Microsoft [/cough]. It's called SyncToy.

PC Magazine had it listed in their Best Free Software article earlier this year. I'm using version 1, but it has been upgraded to version 2. The software is nothing fancy, you just set up two folders to sync, and pick the type of sync you want, and that's it.

One caution: deleting or moving a folder can have disastrous consequences. Make sure you're careful, or you could inadvertently wipe out a ton of stuff. I always use the preview button, just to make sure of what I'm doing before I hit the final sync.

I mostly use it to sync specific work files to my thumbdrive, and sync that thumbdrive again on the home computer. That's what I was looking for, and SyncToy has worked great for that.

SyncToy is available for free from Microsoft.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Emergency Microsoft Patch

Windows Secrets - an online tech newsletter I subscribe to, just sent an e-mail regarding an emergency Microsoft patch for a virus that could be very damaging.

You can read the contents here. The article includes links to download the patch, and advice on how to install it.

Useful Tools - TClockEx

I was looking for a small clock program that would also show the day and date (because I like to reference all of that when I'm leaving voicemail messages, but I hate having to think about it).

I found this: TClockEx. It actually sits right on top of the Windows clock, so it only takes up a small amount of additional toolbar space. You can customize the font. It offers some other options, like a pop-up calendar, the ability past dates, etc. But I just use it for the clock.

Freeware. You can download from here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

How to Change Firefox Settings for Bookmark Widths

One of the recent upgrades of Firefox seems to have shrunk the width of some of my bookmarks. It appears that there is a fixed column width which expands only when you have a subfolder that is longer than the default.

That's a pain, because most of my bookmarks are long. A simple (but crude) fix is to put a folder into each subfolder in order to widen the column. Anyone know of a better fix?

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Off to Homecoming

Well, we're off early this morning for Homecoming at John Brown University. Not only is it my reunion year this year, but I will also be participating in what will almost assuredly be my last public singing performance with the JBU Cathedral Choir as part of the Cathedral Choir Reunion.

To top it all off, my folks and my brother and his family will be there. Should be fun.