Friday, October 17, 2008

How to Change Firefox Settings for Bookmark Widths

One of the recent upgrades of Firefox seems to have shrunk the width of some of my bookmarks. It appears that there is a fixed column width which expands only when you have a subfolder that is longer than the default.

That's a pain, because most of my bookmarks are long. A simple (but crude) fix is to put a folder into each subfolder in order to widen the column. Anyone know of a better fix?

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threegirldad said...

Here is one way to do it. There's probably a simpler way, but I haven't found it yet.

You'll need to edit the userChrome.css file, which you should find in this directory path:

C:\Documents and Settings\[userid]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[random_string].default\chrome

If you aren't using that file already, you'll see a 'userChrome-example.css' file instead. Just use your favorite text editor (unless that happens to be Windows Notepad, in which case pick something else) to open the example file and insert the following code:

/* change maximum width of bookmarks menu items - default is 26em */
menu.bookmark-item, menuitem.bookmark-item {
max-width: 30em !important;

"/*[...]" is one line, and "menu.[...]" is one line until the brace character. "max-[...]" is one line, and the closing brace is one line.

Adjust the em value to get the result you want.

I can send a sample file if you like.