Saturday, July 22, 2006

Calling All Dr. Who Fans

The BBC is running a radio serial of "Shada" on Sundays. It was written by the late Douglas Adams. Here is the BB7 Dr. Who homepage, and you can listen to the latest episode here.

If you're like me, and would rather take it to go (or want to listen to multiple episodes in succession), you may want to record it. If you don't have software on your computer that will record streaming audio, may I suggest Easy Radio. You can download here. Install it, then go to Stations, Add, and in the URL put this (it is the URL for the "standalone player"):

(As an alternative you can use FreeCorder. Unlike Easy Radio, you don't have to have a URL, you just start the audio & away you go. But the free version only records for 30 minutes, only in 64K MP3, and it doesn't come preloaded with tons of radio stations. It is install & go, though; It's easy enough that eventually I might pony up $20 to upgrade.)

Still not enough Who for you? Try the Classic Dr. Who pages, where you can look look at the episode guides, watch clips from the Doctor's previous incarnations, read ebooks, and even watch (or listen to) animated webcasts.

Update: If you have a recorder that you like better, leave me a note in the comments. Would love to hear about it.


Taliesin said...
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Taliesin said...

(Links still appear to be broken on blogspot)

If you have Roxio's Easy Media Creator, the LP and Tape Assistant allows you to record from any of the "channels" into or out of your sound chip/card.

I've also had Audacity ( recommended to me but have never used it.

Gummby said...

Welcome, and thanks for the tip. I have Audacity, but have only used it for editing, not recording.

I'll see what Roxio stuff I have on here, if any. Thanks.

Really appreciated your comments Brad Reynolds blog.