Monday, December 11, 2006

Before We Continue

Before we press on, I just wanted to take a moment to respond to some assertions Antonio has made at various blogs recently. His statements are of the "you people" variety, which lumps me in with all the other mindless Lordship Salvation people, so-on and so-forth.

Let me be clear. I do believe in Lordship, and I believe it for the same reason I believe in Calvinism: because the Bible teaches it. If someone, be it Antonio or someone else, can convince me from Scripture that what I believe is incorrect, I will be first in line to change. That is, after all, what this blog is about--Still Reforming.

That said, the work that Antonio has done recently is what I would characterize as prooftexting. He has indeed done some work, only he has conveniently left out all the pieces that don't fit his thesis. It doesn't stand up under scrutiny.

Since there's a lot there, I'll continue to use his post as a springboard for areas that I think will be of interest and edification to my readers (I'm not just trying to be part of a big blogfight here); the first of those, which I hope to publish soon, will be on the nature of Greek in the LXX.

In the meantime, I am willing to review evidence from any and all quarters that doesn't suffer from the same selective bias.

(P.S. to Bobby Grow: if Blogger keeps giving you fits, feel free to use the Anonymous option, and just sign your name.)


Anonymous said...

I think debate is healthy in the sense that it helps us to examine our understanding of Christian doctrine and clarify our stand on the truth. However, I have never understood how anyone who professes to be a Christian could ever have an issue with the Lordship of Christ.

The fact is that He has always been Lord. He existed from all eternity as Lord. In His incarnation, He became the Savior.In every way and in every circumstance, His Lordship has always been first.

Maybe I am over simplifying the issue, but hey! I'm a simple guy. And certainly not smart enough nor articulate enough to debate like you and Frank, so I'm thankful for your faithfulness to set the record strait.

bluecollar said...

What Garry said!

danny said...

Gummby, I do hope you don't take a soteriological view of James 1:21. James affirms that his readers are regenerate in v. 18, and then tells them to receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save their souls. Some of my fellow Free Gracers see the expression of "saving the soul" as referring to saving themselves from a ruined life, not necessarily death. However, in 1:15, he does mention death. And I still think Antonio has a good case based on the LXX. Also, have you noticed that in 2:12-13, James makes a refernce to the Judgment Seat of Christ, before moving on to the faith without works discourse? Some of people in FG take a Bema view of 14-26. That is, the salvation in 2:14 refers to being saved from a merciless judgment (with the attendant loss of rewards).


Gummby said...

Garry: thanks for stopping in.

It seems like it would be such a simple issue, doesn't it. You've got the hard job, though--I think being a shepherd is harder work than anything I'm doing, on or offline.

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