Sunday, January 21, 2007

I Think My Template is Busted

Has anyone else been having problems with viewing my sidebar? I've noticed some issues, and I've heard from at least one other person who's had a problem.

Don't know what the issue is exactly. It seems to be happening in both IE and Firefox. But since I'm using the original template, and haven't even changed anything in months, I'm even more puzzled.

Any ideas?

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rebecca said...

Well, it looks right to me.

I've been told you can have sidebar problems from having code wrong in an individual post, however, although I'm not sure what sort of wrong code causes it. Big blocks of italic or bold text in a post can also cause it, I've been told.

It's happened to me, but I was too lazy to spend much time trying to find the problem, so I just waited for the offending post to fall off the main page, and it eventually did.

Gummby said...

Eureka! That may be it, particularly since it appears to be intermittent.

I guess that's an argument in favor of more frequent posting.

Anonymous said...

Switching to the "new" version of Blogger may help resolve some template issues like that too. But be sure to save your original template before you mess with it, just in case. You've got a lot in your sidebar, and it could take a fair amount of work to reformat it.