Monday, April 30, 2007

In Search of Modesty

I was reading Kim Shay's lament about the overall lack of modesty in society, and I was reminded of Carla Rolfe's post from last year entitled "Dressing Girls." In it, she uses the phrase "Welcome to SkankWorld." My wife and I still talk about that one when we are together at any store that carries clothes.

Modesty is a difficult thing, to be sure. Because it is open to interpretation, it feels subjective. There is also the possibility that people will fail to recognize that the Bible has relevance here, even without a verse that reads "Don't let your skirt come up past your knees," etc.

The Way of the Master radio podcast had an episode recently where they gave a modesty quiz. The quiz originated from the Family Life folks (who are actually out of Arkansas), and their stuff is good. It sounds like something that might be helpful, or at least encouraging, for those who are searching for ways to instill modesty in their children.


Everyday Mommy said...

You may want to visit my blog, home of Moms for Modesty. This simple, blog-based campaign has over 1,300 signatures.

Kelley said...

Alex & Brett Harris are two Christian teen guys (twin brothers)who have conducted a Modesty Survey with about 1500 respondents this year.

Not sure I agree with ALL of the results, but it's definitely interesting (as a mom, and a former teenage girl...) to know what teen guys think about the way girls dress and act. My daughters aren't this age yet, but apparently, they grow up really quickly nowadays.

Check it out The Modesty Survey here:

Here's their blog site too:

Pretty interesting reading.