Wednesday, May 07, 2008


These guys are advertising the ability to take your entire desktop (including applications) with you on a thumbdrive. If it operates as advertised, that would be huge.

Anyone know anything about it?


threegirldad said...

It's a great idea that pretty much works as advertised, with two serious caveats:

- at the moment, it works on Windows XP only

- it requires either a) admin-level rights on the "host" machine, or requires that a separate utility be installed

Sooooo...if, say, you go to a friend's house, and your friend has an XP box, and doesn't mind letting you log on with admin rights, there you go. But if your friend has a Vista box, or doesn't want to let you log on with admin rights, it's a no-go.

All of which means that you're busted in the cases where MojoPac could really be useful, e.g., PCs at the local public library -- unless you can find one that's running XP and has Usher installed. In which

Gummby said...

It also suggested a removable hard drive (ie, iPod) instead of a flash drive for best results.

Does that mean I can or can't use a thumbdrive? And what size drive do I need?

Lastly, does it let you take just programs (like WordPerfect, Firefox, iTunes), or can you take files, too? Would it sync the "My Documents\Blog" folder and let me take all the docs from computer A to Computer B?


threegirldad said...

Oops! Sorry. I need to remember to check that "notify" box...

Yes, you certainly can use a thumbdrive; in my experience, that's what most people use. 2 GB is sufficient unless you're also wanting/needing to carry around lots of large files (which, yes, you can also do). In that case, you may need to look at using either an iPod or a "pocket" hard drive (like this one, for example).

MojoPac doesn't offer a sync feature of its own, but you could use something like Microsoft SyncToy to fill that gap.