Friday, June 06, 2008

Dr. Who

Watched my first Doctor Who episode in about 8 years. The last time I saw one I was still living in Phoenix.

The episode was entitled Robot, and was the first Tom Baker episode. I remember beating a path back home after church on Sundays so we could catch the episodes on PBS. I still can't hear the channel chimes of KAET without my brain automatically starting to run the Dr. Who theme right after it.

There are several Dr. Who episodes available for instant play from Netflix, if your internet is fast enough. Mine isn't.

But I'm thankful for that, because this DVD also has extras on it, including an interview with all the main folks involved with creating that first episode of the Tom Baker incarnation, including Elisabeth Sladen and even Tom Baker himself. What a treat!

It almost makes up for the family being away. Almost.


Anonymous said...

I've seen a few episodes of the old Dr. Who, but not in order and not from the beginning. I kind of liked it, but it was a little hard to follow.

I saw an episode of the new Dr. Who though, and it made me want to see more. It was about these creepy statues in a flower garden that moved unless you kept your eyes open and stared at them. When the lights went out, POOF! you're toast.

I will never ever get a creepy statue for my garden now.


Gummby said...

Remind me on Sunday & I'll let you borrow the two discs I have. One is Tom Baker (old Doctor) and one is the new guy, Eddleston I think his name is.

Anonymous said...

So now I know why you left your family in AZ for 2 weeks.... Cat's out of the bag. Hope it was worth it. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the loaner. I decided instead of planting more vegetables only for them to die a week or two later that I'd watch some Dr. Who yesterday.

I made the right decision. Great classic sci-fi cheese! The new Dr. Who isn't bad either, I may even like it better. I guess I've been spoiled by George Lucas' effects department.

The episode with the living plastic was hilarious to an adult. Hopefully my kid won't have nightmares from it, he slept fine last night after seeing bits and pieces of it though.

It is very difficult, (and I'm sure you know this even more keenly than I do) to watch anything without the kids. Let's just say I watch way more "Thomas & Friends" and "Curious George" than I do anything else.


thelyamhound said...

Christopher Eccleston is actually the old new Dr. Who. Got that? He was replaced after the first season by David Tennant.

I've enjoyed both. Eccleston was a little more chiseled and dangerous; Tennant is a bit more of a dandy.

I never really watched the old series; we're catching up with the new on DVD. We may have to revisit the classics at some point, just for a sense of context.

Patrick Chan said...

Hi Matt,

That's cool! I only got turned on to Doctor Who, um, about a year ago now, I think, by my super superior co-blogger, Charlie Sebold. I've only seen the new series beginning with Eccleston, though -- none of the old ones. But I love it! Really a blast. Hope you're doing well these days? :-)