Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Textile vs. Markdown

Anyone use either of these schemes? Anyone an advocate for one or the other?

Update: I noticed this Wikipedia article on lightweight markup languages. I'd like one that's easy to use, but the ease of use also needs to be that it can be easily converted by another means. I've experimented with lxtrf and Markdown.


gods.geek said...

I use Markdown and love it. Very easy to use and, more importantly, to read once it is coded. I have not tried Textile so I can't comment on it at all.

Charles Sebold said...

I liked Textile enough to implement it in Emacs Lisp, um, three times. Still working on it.

I haven't tried Markdown. The biggest problem with Textile is that it hasn't won (so I end up writing it elsewhere, say in Emacs, and then pasting it in someplace else).

Matt Gumm said...

Thanks for the comments.

Charlie: by "it hasn't won," are you meaning that it isn't the standard yet, or something else?

Dan Dascalescu said...

I prefer Markdown because it allows blockquotes in lists and can escape characters with a backslash. I wrote a small side-by-side comparison of Markdown vs. Textile at http://mojomojo.org/documentation/cheatsheet#Choosing_between_Textile2_and_MultiMarkDown

Dan Dascalescu said...

UPDATE: The Textile vs. Markdown comparison has moved: