Thursday, January 15, 2009

Talking To Kids About Abortion

Our state's annual Walk for Life is this weekend, I'm anticipating questions from the kids, particularly our oldest, about what we're doing and why. But in a broader sense, I'm trying to figure out just how to (or if I even should try to) explain something like that.

I'm particularly interested in hearing from those of you who have kids - what did you decide to tell them (or omit) and why?



DJP said...

We attended demonstrations when our two older were very young. As I recall, we did give them a general statement. If I recall correctly, we told them that there are people who think it is OK to kill a baby who's growing in its mommy's tummy, if that baby is imperfect or inconvenient. They perceived immediately what any sane, rational person would also see: that it is wrong, and should be stopped.

Carla said...

Like Dan, we've also had this discussion with all our kids from the time they were all old enough to ask questions and want to know what abortion is.

We were factual without being overly graphic (hard to do, in this case) and like Dan's kids, they all reacted the same way. When children learn that there are some moms and dads out there that actually kill their own children, it can be rather traumatic to them, so it must be discussed with lots of grace and lots of willingness to answer their questions (should they have any - some of ours did, some just got really quiet).

Kim said...

It's very hard to avoid talking about the issue these days, because it's so very discussed.

We generally just answered questions as best we could. And we answered as simply as possible. No need to get detailed with something until a child is old enough to handle it. I think our kids were all over the age of ten before they had such questions. We basically said what Dan said and that was that people sometimes kill a baby in the tummy before its born and that God doesn't want us to do that.