Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Precious Promise-Phil Johnson & Spurgeon's "Comfort for Tried Believers"

Comfort for Tried Believers: "All his people are kept by his almighty power. How greatly this ought to comfort you who are sorely tried! Every twig of the rod of correction has been made by God, and every stroke of it is counted by him. There is not a drop more gall in your cup than the Lord has ordained. He has weighed, in the scales of the sanctuary, every ingredient of your medicine, and mixed it with all his infallible skill so that it may produce the cure of all your ills; should not this make you rejoice in the Lord all the day long, and in the night seasons as well?"

This quote, from a Charles Spurgeon message, struck me.

I followed Phil's link to the Metropolitan Tabernacle Message he preached at the School of Theology & downloaded the message. I hadn't even finished listening when I had the chance to quote from it to a fellow believer who was indeed going though enormous trials. Thank you, Phil.

(P.S. Normally I wouldn't be an ex-post facto poster, but given the subject matter of this message, and it's relation to time, I decided to leave it as the date it was composed, not the date it was completed and posted.)

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