Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Best R-Rated Movie You've Never Heard of...

(with apologies to Reformation 21).

After I add my two cents worth, jump over here to read the post on To End All Wars (which actually highlights another post--this one from Steven Hayward.

It's difficult to do justice to this movie in mere words, but let me give my brief but ringing endorsement. It isn't a "Christian" movie, in the sense of a sappy, feel-good flick. It is a gritty and realistic war movie, yet full of both message and meaning.

I heard of it because the producer is my Dad's best friend from high school and was best man at his wedding. You just wouldn't believe the effort that went into completing the movie and trying to get the word out.

Although not a commercial success, it is successful at telling a powerful story of sacrifice and redemption. Make no mistake--it earns its R rating in spades; this is not one for the kiddos. But for the discerning adult (and perhaps even some adolescents) looking for relief from meaningless summer fare, this is your movie.

I agree with Hayward when he says "You will not be disappointed." He goes on to say this,"You also won’t be able to stop thinking about it for a week." I'm still haunted by it, almost two years later.

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