Friday, February 24, 2006

On Sale until Feb 28--Downloadable ESV MP3 Bibles

Just saw this over at the ESV Bible Blog.

Complete Bible $39.95 (Reg $49.95)
Old Testament $27.95 (Reg $34.95)
New Testament $15.95 (Reg $19.95)
Psalms & Proverbs $4.95 (Reg $5.95)
Gospels $9.95 (Reg $11.95)


Daniel said...

Max Mclean "...has dramatically performed the Bible for over twenty years..."

Now that sells it... He isn't reading the text, he is performing it.

Gummby said...

Yeah, I know it sounds cheesy, but have you ever heard him? Pretty amazing, actually.

I'm trying to scrape up the cash, because this would be soooo great for the commute each day.