Monday, February 06, 2006

QOTW--Why do you Blog?

Question for the week: Why are you Blogging?

Evan May presents a cautionary post on blogging. He warns against two extremes...self-serving blogging on the one hand, and creating your own personal para-church organization on the other. I particularly appreciate his idea about inadvertantly bringing judgment upon yourself by assuming a teaching role, particularly for someone who is unprepared to teach.

But I wonder...are there more options than just these two extremes?

So my question for you is, why do you blog?

As for me, I'm still trying to answer that question. I think I want my blog to include theology, but between Evan's post and this one from Jerry Wragg, I'm beginning to wonder what it is I'm even doing out here.



why do i blog -- because it allows me to get the STUFF in my head out of my head and then I can move on. I have so much stuff going on that I have to PURGE periodically. Mostly I think just friends and family read it -- cuz no one else would care -- but it is an outlet for my insanity.

Kim said...

I blog because if I spoke the words I wrote in my blog, I'd be talking so much that my family would evict me.

Seriously, however, I blog because I love to ponder and write things down; knowing that I'm writing things for others to read makes me write better, I think.

I also blog to connect with other people. I have been so blessed by the bloggers I have met, and I learn so much. It's the next best thing to going to school.

Hemsch said...

If I really become serious about writing some day it's a good starting point.

It allows me a safer enviorment to confer my thoughts and opinions. I hate being in front of a crowd.

BugBlaster said...

I blog in order to:
- work out little Bible lessons that I've taught or would like to teach to my Sunday School class or family.
- impose some discipline on myself to actually work out these lessons.
- regurgitate some Leviticus insights that Irish evangelist C.H. Mackintosh had, because his work is valuable, but it is not well known
- tease my wife
- I enjoy writing, but have never done it outside of a workplace context
- "publish" my bad poems and bad tunes that I composed to go with them, because I want to make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

As you can plainly see, I have a clear strategy to make my blog unappealing to the masses, so this may help with the temptation to glorify self.

If my blog ever became excessively popular I believe I would have to stop, in order to avoid wrong motives.

Jeremy Weaver said...

I can put what's in my head down, wait for the backlash, and then either strengthen or recant my position.
And I think I can help some others in the processby allowing them to see the issues worked out.

gaw said...

My blogging degenerated long ago into a one man mission to stop the spread of the World's Leakingest Toilet. Other than that, I still haven't come up with a sane explanation for what I do. I once speculated that my blog would involve discussion of bar-b-que ribs, but I haven't fully developed that line of thought. I'm still in the research stage of that subject.