Thursday, March 23, 2006

Orthodox Pharisees?

In the meta of the Pyro post Wright's Wrongs, Pastor Rod said this:
"Let me take a statement Jesus made about the Pharisees and change its context and application. (In other words, this is my point not his. I am simply alluding to his criticism of the religious elite of his day.)

“You keepers of the creeds and definers of the orthodox, you have found the narrow gate and made it even narrower, driving away those who would enter. It would be better for you to have never studied theology. There will be greater honor in the Kingdom for a simple-minded child who calls people to love Jesus than for you.”"

But why are those who hold to a set of propositional truths about the Gospel always equated to Pharisees? Aren't there true things about the Gospel and true things about Jesus that must be believed, or were the Beatles right when they sang Love is All You Need?

Didn't Jesus admonish the woman at the well that she should worship in spirit and in truth?

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