Saturday, June 17, 2006

Free World Cup Audio in English

Took me about two hours this morning, but I found this link from the UK's Sun tabloid paper that has free streaming audio in English.

And I just have to say, Argentina looked awesome yesterday.


Patrick Chan said...

Woo hoo! Thanks for the link Matt! BTW, did you see the England-Sweden game yesterday? It was pretty crazy. :-)

Gummby said...

Yes, I did. Couldn't believe the Swedes scored in the 90th minute!

I'm looking forward to the Argentina-Netherlands coming up later this afternoon. Should be a good one.

Patrick Chan said...

Oh yeah, that should be a cool game. :-) Hm, actually, I think it's going on right now as a matter of fact.

Are you rooting for any particular team? Well, besides the USA, I guess. We'll probably be out soon enough. :-(

It's probably sacrilege to root for two, but Italy and England are my faves. Let's hope they don't meet until the finals! ;-)

Gummby said...

Probably England & Argentina.

Also, since two of your favorites are playing simultaneously today, you can go here to follow both games.

Josh said...

My blog has live video to the games if you want to check it out.


Patrick Chan said...

Wow, thanks Matt et Josh! Real nice. I'll certainly take advantage of these. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Matt,
Trying to follow the games on BBC Live Text is beyond frustration.