Monday, June 05, 2006

Bible Month

June is Bible Month here at Still Reforming. The plan is to post some different articles about the Bible and its translation throughout the month, culminating with my long overdue explanation of why I've chosen my current Bible translation.

Here are links to some previous posts about the Bible (frankly, every month could be Bible month here, that's how passionate I am about it).

On Reading the Bible--John Newton
More thoughts on Scripture--from Steve Camp (with bonus link to the Bible Researcher's quotes on Scripture)
The critically acclaimed post The Bible--without Grace and Propitiation
The 100 Minute Bible--Decent Premise, Poor Execution
Terrible Translation (with a link to the original World magazine article of the same name)
What Kind of Bible for My Children?
Book Review: How to Choose a Bible Version


Chris Pixley said...

I'm looking forward to your thoughts, Matt. How's Greek going coupled with the new addition in the house?

BugBlaster said...

Looking forward to this, Matt.

Gummby said...

I had to drop. :(
I bought all of Mounce's stuff (including the lectures on CD) so that I can keep studying on my own. I'm hoping to return to class in January for 2nd Yr Greek.

How are things going at your house with cinco hijas?