Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Introduction to the New Testament--Free Book Online

This Introduction to the New Testament by D. A. Carson, Douglas J. Moo, & Leon Morris was recommended over at Triablogue as a must read for new Christians. But I'm guessing lots of folks have never looked at the New Testament systematically like this, so I think anyone who has an interest could benefit from it.

HT: Patrick Chan in the comments of this post on Tria.


Even So... said...

Very cool, thanks...

steve said...

One slight correction. I was referrring to the 2nd ed., which is by Carson and Moo alone, and represents an expanded and updated edition of the original.

Daniel Calle said...

Thank you, Matt. Hey, how are you?


Gummby said...

Hola, Daniel! Muy bueno, gracias. Y usted?

donsands said...

My friend and pastor gave me this book for my birthday a few years back. It's a great source to have handy.

Here's the greeting my pastor wrote on the inside of the book:

"In matters of wisdom and study
I know I can trust my buddy
To search the word carefully
And study it prayerfully
And not get caught up in holy laughter."

BTW, I was very much blessed and humbled today.
Have a Lord blessed evening in His joy and love Matt.