Friday, March 30, 2007

Before The Month Ends...

I'd be remiss without at least mentioning Bre-X. It was ten years ago this month that one of the greatest scams of all time was perpetrated. I remember it well, because I was actually trading Canadian stocks for a living.

Because I have so many thoughts running around in my head, I'm not going make the deadline of actually writing the post before the end of the month. And though it's probably pointless to mention it without saying anything about it, I feel obligated to at least mention it, lest the opportunity slip away.

Plus, this way one of my faithful Canadian readers can bug me in a month or so if I haven't made good on my pledge.

In the meantime, to wet your appetite, here is the Wikipedia entry on Bre-X.

1 comment:

BugBlaster said...

I actually work with a guy that built himself a very substantial house including indoor pool with resources built from his Bre-X trading aplomb, or so the rumour goes.