Monday, October 29, 2007

Late To Church Yesterday? It Was the Satellite's Fault!

Did anyone else get head-faked by an auto-update from a satellite that wasn't reprogrammed for the new Daylight Savings Time?

I talked to two people yesterday who were--one had their phone updated, the other had their car, VCR, and I'm not sure what else.

I didn't have that excuse. I did have a major battle over pants that were slightly too big, not wanting to wear a belt, and refusing to go potty before we left for church, but I'm told that the best parents build in buffer for that kind of time.

Still beats last week, when we had one throwing up at 5 minutes before departure time.


BugBlaster said...

Buy yourself some pants that fit. Wear a belt. And don't leave home without proper foresight. Then you won't miss church next time.

Mark said...

So are you down to size 32 now? I can send you some of my pants, as I'm sure they're a little snug after eating so much this week.
Once again, another reason why I love living in Arizona (at least in the fall and spring). We used to always show up late or early on DLST change day in TX. It's better in the spring when you show up early and have an hour to go get some coffee.