Friday, October 05, 2007

Note of Congratulations

Just wanted to take a moment to congratulate my friend (and reader of this blog) Tom Nash, who recently finished reading Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology.

Anyone familiar with that book knows it is a lengthy tome, to say the least. I am seriously impressed.

Surprisingly (or perhaps not), now that Tom is finished, he's not going to Disneyland. Rather, he's going to take a little time away from non-fiction reading to read a little Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Hopefully I will get an opportunity soon to glean a little about what he learned. When I do, I'll report back.

Once again, Tom, congrats on your accomplishment.


Zoo said...

Hoorah, Tom!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, you crack me up. :) It really wasn't that hard to read...and it did take me the better part of a year - reading it only on my 1hr lunch break.

I think if there is one major thing the book taught/reminded me, it is to always remember that I am what I am by grace alone, through faith alone in Christ alone. And accordingly, this knowledge has (hopefully) made me a bit less snarky and sarcastic toward folks who aren't on the same page as I am.

when i recall all of the stupid things that i used to sincerely believe (and criticized others for not agreeing with me) it is quite humbling...and a great reminder that 'the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.'

Kim said...

I once, very foolishly, thought I would read all the way through Berkhof's Systematic Theology. I was advised by someone that perhaps I might find it more enjoyable if I just sampled the various sections rather than reading it from beginning to end.

I took that advice.

Then I got Grudem's, and thought I'd read through that....

I have a short attention span.