Sunday, February 03, 2008


This past week I did something I've never done before: I finished reading through the whole Bible. "Reading" is probably not the best term, since much of it was done in the vehicle via ESV MP3s.

There are a lot of things I could say at this point, but I'll limit it to one. Going through the whole thing after all these years was like going back and reading a novel that you'd previously only read excerpts of or even just Cliff's Notes. You had the main thrust, yet you had missed out on so much. The richness, the depth, the sweep - the sheer grandeur of God's plan, from beginning to end. And even with that, we still only see in a glass darkly.

My advice: do whatever it takes to do it.
Even if it means buying CDs or MP3s to listen (especially helpful for me for Leviticus, Numbers, Isaiah, and Revelation).
Even if it means getting up a bit earlier every day.
And even if it means you don't make it in a year (it's been two since I bought my audio).


BugBlaster said...

excellent! now do it again! start now!

Mark said...

Dude - I finished my 1st complete read through last year and learned so much (although I must admit there was some daydreaming in leviticus and some of the genealogies . I am doing the 1 year Bible reading plan this year with the church (OT, NT and PS& PROV every day- its cool to really see the themes and unity of the Bible in this new way reading from OT & NT and poetry and seeing the same God and same truths expresses - and we are posting some blog observations at I got the Bible experience for xmas on MP3 to listen in the car - just gutted it out through leviticus this week. Some new things really jumped out at me in Exodus and lev as I listened vs reading (ok, I know its not the ESV, but I like the different voices and sounds - makes me feel like I'm there listening to their dialogue.

Gummby said...

It's awesome, isn't it?

Bible Experience wasn't around when I bought these. I think the kids might like that one better than the straight reading.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe my two sons have both read through the Bible before me but I did start (route 66) with the church and it has already shown me things that I didn't put together before. I am really enjoying it. I don't think I could listen because I would start thinking about all sorts of things. I do that when bg reads to me sometimes. :-) cpg

S.J. Walker said...

Brothers (and sisters, I always get bin trouble for that one)

I appreciated the comments over at Pyro regarding the Drewmeister.

I appreciate what I have seen thus far here. Keep it up and come by the Lion's Den any time.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to do the "listen to the whole Bible" thing but have never done it. Even back in the days when I was on the road a lot for work, which would have been the perfect time to do it. Yeah, I can see how that would be a big help in getting through Leviticus. Seems that's where my OT reading plans always seem to run aground.

Mark said...

My kids listened through several chapters of Exodus on the way home from G&G's last week. They seemed to like it - you can preview it on I got my complete Bible Mp3 version on for 39 including s/h. Cheapest new was on CBD for 49+ s/h.