Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The first Gummby/Buggy Chess Game

Here is the first (and thus far only) chess game I played against Bugblaster. This was played via e-mail correspondence from March to June 2006.
(Sorry about any confusion - no, we have not had any more babies since #5 in 2006.)

You'll notice that my game falls apart at about move 10. Fortunately for me, the chess server crashed and we had a baby, so I was able to resign without losing too much face.


BugBlaster said...

that is a very cool embed. how do I get it?

And I can't remember; I guess I was black?

BugBlaster said...

Hey are you sure that's our game? The title says it's Anand v Aronian.

Gummby said...

Read your e-mail. There was a technical glitch, and this isn't our game. But our game will be back up soon.

R. D. Bailey said...

hey matt, its rob from lr. did you say you had a baby?

Gummby said...

Whoops! You're the second person that has said something to me about that. I've updated the post with the date.

How are you doing? Are you still in the states?