Sunday, July 27, 2008


Anyone know what the odds are of having three out of five kids who are left handed?


Anonymous said...

I don't know what the odds are, but I think I speak for left-handed people everywhere when I say you're very blessed to have that many budding geniuses. Of course, as they get older you'll feel the strain as they question everything in their dogged determination to understand "why." But they'll turn out better for it in the long run, and it will enable you to always have an excuse for reading. A win win situation in my opinion.


Also, I've always been annoyed by certain types who think that being a lefty is a 'bad sign.' On the contrary, when we get to heaven it will feel perfectly natural for us to march to our left to be on the right side of Jesus. Whereas many a righty will likely make a hasty dodge to their right only to be mercifully reminded, "My right, your left."

Kelley said...

I'm not sure about the genetic probability either, because I didn't pay that much attention in Mr. Wolfe's biology class. But somehow we ended up with 1 lefty out of our 3 kids. I've always wondered about our little anomaly too.

When she was a baby, no matter how many times I put something in her right hand, she would switch it over to her left. She constantly amazes me because she sees the world from a completely different perspective than the rest of us.

Not sure how in the world I scored two southpaw brothers-in-law either. That was just a freak coincidence, I suppose.