Monday, December 01, 2008

Coup d'état

I thought this blog needed some Canadian content. See here for a roster sheet of the players.

It seems that the Conservative government will survive until Dec. 8, at which time it will be toppled by a coalition of Liberals, NDP, and Bloc Québecois. Those three opposition parties have formally agreed on the terms of the coup.

Only the Liberals and NDP will be in government officially. The Bloc will remain in opposition, with the proviso that they will always vote with the government on things that matter. And of course the government will make sure that no votes are called on things that the Bloc can't stomach.

Congratulations to Stéphane Dion.

You led your party to its worst showing in the 141 year history of Canada, BUT NOW you get to be Prime Minister.

You were first elected to the House of Commons in the mid-1990's as a staunch federalist, the secret weapon of the federalists in fact, BUT NOW you will head a government that is bound by formal agreement to advance the interests of the separatists.

You campaigned on integrity, BUT NOW you get to steal the government from a party that has almost twice as many seats as you.

You campaigned as a Liberal, BUT NOW you are bringing the NDP to power for the first time ever.

You are bringing down the goverment because they did not bring in an economic stimulation package on your timetable, BUT NOW you will introduce some of the largest regressive corporate tax increases in history.

As Environment Minister you named your dog Kyoto instead of implementing Kyoto, BUT NOW as Prime Minister you will have a large menu of going-nowhere files to name pets after.

As Leader of the Opposition you bewailed the lack of accountability of the government, BUT NOW as Prime Minister you will hand economic oversight to four unelected and unaccountable "wise men"

Ignatieff and Rae forced you out of the leadership of the Liberals, BUT NOW the joke's on them.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper trounced you in the general election, BUT NOW you will get to say, "Silly Stephen, the will of the people does not matter."

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