Thursday, December 18, 2008

Life Intrudes

Although I love this virtual world, the real world calls all to often. There are many half-written posts sitting on hard drives and thumb drives (or "happy sticks," as I hear they are known in parts of Africa), and I don't know when any of them will meet my satisfaction for posting. Perhaps during the holidays, or after the first of the year.

So Merry Christmas.

And, as our office Christmas letter said this year, "Let each of us pause to remember the incredible grace of God as we celebrate the birth of His Son, Jesus; and that’s what Christmas is all about! Born of a virgin, the incarnate Christ came into the world to save His people from their sins. Jesus Christ was the perfect sacrifice for the sins of mankind to satisfy a just and holy God."

1 comment:

Ray said...


How different your office form ours, which decided that this year we would not send Christmas cards out since we are an 'diverse, intentional company' and we did not want to offend anyone...


Merry Christmas my friend...