Saturday, September 24, 2005

Intelligent Design: 'The Death of Science' - Yahoo! News

I should probably just quit reading stuff like this, because it upsets me, but I never cease to be amazed at the audacity of those who think that evolution is more scientific than creation. This quote is a perfect example of the arrogance involved:

Intelligent Design: 'The Death of Science' - Yahoo! News: "'It doesn't add anything to science to introduce the idea that God did it,' Provine told LiveScience. Intelligent design 'would become the death of science if it became a part of science.'"

Amazing! If this quote is true, I guess we didn't have science at all before Darwin's theory came along. What do we say about all those people (some who were believers in Christ and a Creator) who operated in science prior to Darwin, if their belief would kill it?

Understand the full implications of the thinking here: a finite human being is claiming to understand the universe better than the God who created it. Of course, we see this exact same thing in the church--people will look at the Bible, or the words of Jesus, and say,"Well, they just didn't understand the way the world works the way we do today. They didn't understand things like atoms and subatomic particles and DNA." Really? God didn't understand these things? Perhaps they should read Job 38 sometime, and see what God said to Job about hubris like this.

One final thought--it's a quote from James White. He says,"Why would I trust Jesus for my salvation, my eternal destiny, and not trust him when he testifies about how the universe was made?" Why indeed?


Hemsch said...

The funny thing about evolution is it can be easily explained about by every branch of science execpt biology. Evolution in it's self defies all the laws of thermodynamics.

the funny thing about science today is modern scientific meathods were all created by christians. and God and a huge roll in the forming of modern science.

I have a friend who teaches science i know he thinks himself a scientist and when i asked if he thought modern science was corrupt he defended them stoutly. It was sad, because he to him science is a world of pure logic. Human nature didn't aquate into the world of science in his eye. When you see stupid people make claims that if evolution goes away we will all fall into anarchy. Wow sounds like we are moving back into the middle ages doesn't it where if you don't support evolution you will be black balled.

centuri0n said...

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