Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Have it your way at the ESV website

I had forgotten that the ESV site lets you customize how you view verses, allowing you to include or leave out what you will. Section headings, subheadings, verse numbers, chapter numbers, footnotes, and even words of Christ in red--all optional.

For instance, I pulled up Hebrews 1-16 and included only footnotes. (You have to adjust the options first before doing the search). It reads just like a real letter--or in this case, what sounds to me like a sermon transcript.

HT to Puritas, who is studying Romans without any additions, for reminding me. (I don't know anything about this site except it was caught in Warnock's Bible Translation Blogsearches to Watch. It's all Reluctant Puritan's fault really, for putting Adrian & me in a song.)


ColinM said...

I had no idea, and I cut and paste from there all the time! Thanks for the heads-up on that trick.

Kim said...

I checked out Puritas's blog today. He's another Canadian blogger, and a student. I noticed somewhere in there he talks about wanting to be a professor of Christian Political thought. Living in Canada myself, I'd like to see a little Christian political thought.