Friday, September 08, 2006


4685: the number of days (not including today) that I have been in the financial services industry (calculated on my new HP 12c calculator, which you'll be hearing more about in the near future).

This is it. Today I hang up the ties, white shirts, and black dress shoes, and move into a new phase in my life--a new career.

Thanks to all who submitted guesses. I can only say that I'm sorry that my real answer will probably disappoint you.

I will be going into commercial real-estate appraisal. Some friends of ours are in the business, and they have asked me to join them. To do it, I will be taking approximately 180 classroom hours in the next 16 months, as well as completing several thousand hours of practical appraisal work.

The job is 12 miles from my house (vs. the 30ish I'm traveling currently), which opens up the possibility to have meals with my family. I will also have some scheduling flexibility, which I hope will translate into some Bible conference attendance (once I complete all the necessary work).

God has been incredibly gracious, as He always is, in leading us down this path. One day I will sit down and give a full accounting of His continuous faithfulness throughout my entire career.

But for now I'll be content to say thanks to Him, and ask (as you see fit) that you might remember my family and me in your prayers.

The first of my classes starts on Monday, and I'm assuming that I will be out of commission until they are over, which will be in about two weeks. In the meantime, if you just gotta have your fix, thanks to the magic of the Blogosphere, you will be able to see some of my work on BugBlog, and at Centuri0n's place as well.


Kim said...

I'm very happy for you and Mrs. G. Being able to be near your family is really important. Buggy comes home for lunch often, and it may seem a small thing, but it really isn't.

I hope all goes well with your class time.

BugBlaster said...

I knew you were going to be an adventurer. It sounds interesting, but my employer insures some commercial real estate, so my judgement is suspect.

Ray said...

Drop me an email, and maybe we can connect while you are down here....

Even So... said...

Go get 'em Gummby...

The Mains said...


Patrick Chan said...

Well, I gotta say, my guess about web development was sort of close...if by close one means "on the polar opposite end of the world"! ;-)

But seriously, that is awesome, congrats Matt! :-)

Oh, BTW, re: Charlie. You've probably already seen by now, but just in case, I thought I should note: he's dealing with quite a bit at the moment. Please do pray for him, if it comes to mind?

Gummby said...

Patrick: thanks for the reminder. Lousy friend that I am, I read that & then promptly forgot.

I will do it.

Nan said...

"One day I will sit down and give a full accounting of His continuous faithfulness throughout my entire career." But obviously the inner accountant will never really leave you. ;^D

Congrats on the new field of work, the improvements to your family life because of it and all the changes that you are looking forward to with anticipation.

God bless as you train and make the transition!

Rebekah said...

Big congrats! Enjoy this new path. :)

Chris Pixley said...

Does this mean that next time I'm in AR I'll have to drive all the way out to Cabot if I wanna have lunch with you?

COngratulations, Matt! I'll be praying for this life transition.

Gummby said...

You could probably talk me into meeting you at The Flying Fish. I love that place!

Thanks for the prayers. No doubt we'll need them, but I'm even thankful to know that I'm in need of prayer. Be less self-sufficient & more God-dependent isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Nan said...

So Gummby, Lord of the blogosphere, I'd like to know if you know how many of your college cronies of the "Dead Poet Society JBU chapter" are bloggers?
I would find a multi-contributor blog version of it, very cool. :^)
Yeah. I know that was random. But, what if?
P.s. I do have a request that you remove RevGoT's real name from your links. E-mail him if you want to know why I ask this. :^) Thanks!

Gummby said...

Mrs.GoT: as to your second part, Done.

As to your first part, interestingly enough, I've been wondering how to get in touch with them as well. I was wondering if anyone had an interest in splitting the cost of registering our copyright & depositing our book with the Library of Congress.

The group blog would be interesting, though.

Nan said...

Thanks Gummby! :^)
That would be neat to have the book copyrighted. How will the poetry have changed over the years, I wonder? (in theory) A blog would be cool to see the old stuff (if it could be put on) and how growing up, marrying, having kids, etc... has changed the poetry.
If you do it... hound my man to be a part of it. Poetry was a big part of our early relationship.

Chris Pixley said...

but I'm even thankful to know that I'm in need of prayer. Be less self-sufficient & more God-dependent isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Well said, my friend!