Sunday, September 17, 2006


Sorry, I'm not talking about me, despite the fact that I am currently missing church to take a class for work, and despite the fact that I had Sangria with alcohol in it along with our authentic Spanish meal last night (I hope to revisit both of these subjects sometime after my return next week).

No, I'm referring to the two LDS missionaries we had visit us on Friday night. It was really surreal. At one point, after being asked some rather pointed questions, one of the young men went into what I can only describe as a trance-like state and started reciting his testimony. His eyes were glazed over; his voice was flat; his body was immobile.

As we discussed it after they left, we discussed the possibility (or indeed the likelihood) of a demonic influence. Those of you who know me know that I wouldn't bring this issue up lightly.

I bring this to your attention to ask for your continued prayers for these young men. They are scheduled to return on Wednesday, and we are tentatively planning to present the Gospel, the Biblical Gospel, to them then. Please pray that the Lord might hinder any negative spiritual influences, while at the same time through His Spirit opening their eyes & hearts to see the truth.

Their names are Staples & Bingham.

More later...

Cent must be back, as I notice I don't have access to his blog anymore. So I guess it would be a good time to express my thanks for him letting me post on his blog (particularly since I was being so disagreeable prior to his vacation).


Kim said...

When I was a teenager and heavily involved with the LDS church, once a month, "fast and testimony" meetings were held. This is when people fasted, and then the church service consisted of nothing but people giving their testimonies. They were generally emotional, tearful kinds of affairs, with people thanking the elders, missionaries, etc. for delivering from their darkness. And yes, some of them sounded like they were in a trance.

DJP said...

Staples & Bingham

Weren't those the hecklers on The Muppet Show?

Nan said...

Wow. Sounds interesting. Will try and remember to pray.
And those names. They must be BRITISH! :^)

Anonymous said...

what is this about alcohol? i let you go to tx and stay with bonnie and clyde and this is how you spend your time.

Nan said...

Speak of the devil. A duo approached my husband just this morning. I stayed off a distance working in the yard and just praying for my husband to have wisdom. Then when the conversation was coming to a close I idiotically came and opened my mouth and wished them a lack of success in their efforts today. *sigh* Sometimes I really do need to just shut up and let the man do all the talking. Oh well. Still sanctifying.
Dh prayed for them at the end of the meeting, prayed that they would not blind anyone today. I don't know what all the conversation was about except that he did mention to them that ironically he had just mentioned in his sermon yesterday that Muhammed and Joseph Smith were in the same category. Obsolete because of Jesus.

Gummby said...

Nan: So the question is, are they coming back?

Anonymous: it was two glasses. There was probably less alcohol in it than in a glass of New Testament "oinos," but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Love you, though. And I thought the reason you let me go to TX is so that I could make money & support the family.

Speaking of which, you should have seen how impressed those two were when I told them I had 5 kids.

Nan said...

I think after meeting up with my husband's humble yet commanding presence and grasp of the scriptures... and then having their heels nipped at by the proverbial chihuahua that I was... no they probably are not coming back.
They are on a mission from Utah of course. They are not locals here north of the border.

RevGoT said...


I called her the chihuahua, but that means I was assuming I was the big dog. Biblical humility is needed especially after battle!! Pride is the devil's domain. We demolish strongholds and every pretense raised up against the knowledge of Christ.

We'll pray tomorrow for blinders to be removed.

A pastor friend who is planting a church among Native Americans says the very same spooky stuff happens when he meets with Mormons as it does when he meets a medicine man. Same liar behind both. Pray before, during, and after. If you start going into a trance you better have two or three with you to stand with you in prayer. Don't meet with them alone. You know me as well how non-spooky I am, but having ministered on that reservation I now hold to what our professors called "the excluded middle" of the reality of spirits in everyday life.