Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Anyone know of a good file-syncing program?

My directory structure on the home and work computers are the same, & I use a 4GB thumbdrive for the in-between.

I do it manually now, but would love to have files I update on one computer automatically sync with the thumbdrive, and then on the other computer when I plug it in.

Any suggestions? Prefer free, but wouldn't be opposed to shelling out a few bucks for something if it worked well.


Charles Sebold said...

XP has Synchronization Manager. No idea if Vista does too. No idea if earlier versions have that. And no idea if it works with non-networked drives.

Another possibility might be to script something using Unison and Autorun.

threegirldad said...
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threegirldad said...

Well, this thread is a bit stale, but in case you're still looking for something, I recommend .

threegirldad said...

Hmmm, the link looked fine in preview mode. ???