Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Concert Update

Based on his response to the previous post, Dan Phillips obviously doubts the genuineness of my free offer of the concert. What a dilemma!

The concert was great. They actually had to cut their planned set short because the venue (2nd Presbyterian Church) wanted things wrapped up by 10pm. Had you seen the average age of the attendees, you would think twice before laughing. Let's just say we weren't the only ones out way past our bedtime.

The good news/bad news scenario is that most of the band is moving to Nashville. Good, because they'll most likely be discovered, make lots of money, and more people will be able to hear their songs, including hearing about Jesus. The bad news is (on a purely selfish level) they won't be around here locally to go see anymore.

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DJP said...

Must... mortify... envy....