Thursday, November 30, 2006


I just gotta say here, how did I ever live without Bloglines?

While going through my Sitemeter stats, I noticed that a couple of readers (Nate & Rebecca, I believe), used Bloglines. I finally decided to go through the process of setting it up, and I love it.

There are so many reasons to like it, but chief among them is, I don't have to set up any feeds on my computer's RSS reader. I just log in to Bloglines, and there they are. I have three different computers I use regularly, and so this is a real help. Not to mention how nice it is when I'm away from home.

Also, it comes in handy for those blogs where people don't post very often. You always know when someone posts something new--it's nice not to miss it.

They've also added a "playlists" feature, so you can create groups for your blogs. I have a daily group, and plan on adding a news group, and so on.

The only downside I've seen so far is that it relies on RSS feeds, which menas you can end up missing formatting, and sometimes it does some weird stuff (I think Buggy keeps republishing his blog just so it will drive me crazy).

But all in all, it is a tool I heartily recommend for those who are regular blog readers.


Anonymous said...

I use bloglines, too.

It's very helpful.

Although now that you're listed with Frank's little band of merry men and women, I can see when you've updated your blog without logging into Bloglines.

Anonymous said...

I can recommend Google Reader, as well...
But hey, I am Google-fan, sort of :) of the 'merry men and women', lol

Anonymous said...

Sorry Matt! When I see a typo or misphrased thing I republish. Apparently I think that editing in advance of publishing is way overrated.

It wasn't in order to drive you crazy, at least not until now.

Nathan said...

If the blogosphere is my codependency, Bloglines is my enabler. There's no way I would have time to track my 89 feeds without it.

Anonymous said...

I use Google reader, but most of the time, I prefer going directly to the blog pages. It just feels a little less like e-mail that way...