Friday, November 10, 2006

From the Blogroll

I'll be adding Theologian of the Cross shortly. HT: Sebold. Check out Lazarus and the Glory of God. (As an aside, the topic of John 11:5-6 is something I hope to return to in a future post.)

Speaking of Charlie, he said he plans to blog less. I hope not. It's not like his testimony is all he has to say about Christ, any more than any of us are limited to that.

Also, check out my buddy Rulerman's post on DNA. He was disappointed that only 6 people came to read that post, and 5 of them were related to him.

And finally, despite the death of his own blog, it turns out my buddy Chris Pixley has found time to write, under the group blog Expository Thoughts. Too bad I had to find out from a CD of a Phil Johnson's message. Oh well. Check out Avoiding the Homiletical Hermeneutic--turns out even pastors have to remind themselves about context sometimes.

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