Monday, January 30, 2006

Question of the week: Music to Blog to?

OK, ok, I know I still owe a post on last week's question, but I'm just dying to know: Do you blog to music? If so, what? Please leave comments.

Also, for Kim as well as me, please include any music that you put on to help you concentrate while reading something deep. . .like Charnock.


BugBlaster said...

Some mean blogging music: Caedmon's Call, Michelle Tumes, Natalie McMaster (Cape Breton fiddle music).

Concentration music: Eden's Bridge, gregorian chants, (sorry! it's just really soothing and unobtrusive)

Kim said...

Oh, I love this question.

I have my iPod on shuffle, so I get a variety. I have Celtic music, like the Bug Man. I would second his endorsement of Caedmon's Call. I would also recommend Nichole Nordeman's recoring of Woven and Spun. I like the group Casting Crowns as well, and I recently put on Kutless, which is is kind of aimed at the younger crowd, and which the Bug Man often calls "screaming" music, but some of it is good.

I also like a Canadian group called Great Big Sea, who are from Newfoundland and have a Celtic sound to their stuff.

As for reading Charnock, I have found Chopin's Nocturnes and Yo-Yo Ma's Simply Baroque very helpful in concentration. Stuff by Bach is good too, because it's so pattern-driven, and it kind of keeps you on track.

I don't recommend Charnock before bed if you've only slept a few hours the previous night. I tried that last night, and it was all gibberish.

Hemsch said...

If I want internet radio i'll listen to Air1 or M88.

Other than that I would listen to one of the many movie soundtracks I have. Pirates of the Caribbean is one of my favs at this momment.

Virginia said...

I pretty much do everything to music. My favourite music to blog to is: Natasha Bedingfield, Kutless, Anna Nalick, Good Charlotte, Billy Joel, U2, Alicia Keys, Phantom of the Opera soundtrack, and Yellowcard. To name a few :).

Jeremy Weaver said...

The sound of the fan in the restroom really helps me concentrate while I read.

Actually, I don't listen to anything while I read. I find myself daydreaming if I do. The music I do listen to though is by, Beethoven (all of it), Handel, Steve Green, and anything that is hymnodish.