Wednesday, January 04, 2006



William Dicks said...

Hey Matt,

How are your Greek studies going? I ran across this link using Google. Can you remember that? What would your advice be today?

I also found this! Have you been holding out on us, or could these be your evil stepbrothers? :-)


BugBlaster said...

Matt, I didn't know you were studying Greek. I did two terms of koine in my final year of university. One of the members of my household has a pride issue, so she decided to outdo me and did three terms.

Kim said...

Matt (ignoring that comment from bugblaster), is this about sports? What did Texas win?

The Mains said...

Looks like "Bubba Gumm" and company are gonna take down the house in Branson...LOL.

Gummby said...

My response

Oh, except for Kim. Kim--the Texas Longhorns beat the USC Trojans in (American) football. They are now the National Champions. Very few people thought they could win, since USC has won the Championship the past two years in a row.

We were rooting for Texas because we spent a couple of years living there, and we developed an affinity for the team.