Thursday, January 12, 2006

Steve Hays on the ABCs of Calvinism

Steve Hays has done a great service by providing a list of founding documents for various Reformed groups, as well as areas of common belief.

There is this tendency to think of Reformed folks as homogenous, but Steve's short but insightful post shows the greater depth of those of the Reformed persuasion. I'm still learning about all this stuff, and for most of my life (frankly) have been somewhat anti-confessional. In any case, this seemed like just the thing to show up on Rebecca's blog, so I thought I'd try to grab it before she did.

Speaking of Rebecca's blog, make sure you go check out the Out of Canada Christian Blog Showcase. And I'm not jus' saying that because I'm shamelessly promoted there--I don't know what exactly inspired Rebecca, but the truth of the matter is, she's the one who is inspiring to so many others. And she put in a great deal of work to pull off the showcase. Hey, it's a collection of great Canadian blogging--what's not to like?

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