Saturday, April 22, 2006

Back to the Debate Blog--Centuri0n vs. The War on Easter Guy

If you haven't visited this past week, you're missing an interesting exchange between Frank & Brian Flemming, one of the architects of the "War on Easter."

Both sides have also set up posts on their respective blogs for comments. Frank's is here; Brian's is here (warning: there is at least one attempt at foul language in the thread).

Update 2:
I thought Frank was doing pretty well, but the folks on Brian's blog didn't seem to think so. So I decided to try discussing some of the issues with them. You can keep up with my progress (or lack thereof) on the comment thread there.

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Patrick said...


I'm encouraged reading your comments on Brian's blog. Keep it up brother and keep quoting the scriptures and explaining the plain meaning of them!

Heb 4:12