Monday, April 03, 2006


My wife told me last night that one of my kids said, "Momma, why does Daddy like playing on the computer more than he likes playing with us?"


You'll be seeing less of me online; now you know why.


Carla said...


as most people know I have 900 kids, I'm often asked "wow, how do you find the time to be online and write!?".

The answer is simple - when they go to sleep at night, or before they get up in the morning. Other times it's when they're playing outside or otherwise occupied and don't need my undivided attention.

It does sting when your kids think anything else comes before them, so you learn how to moderate your time better.

They're only little and squishy and snug-able for a very short time. Enjoy the squishy years, soon they'll be teenagers. 'Nuff said about that rollercoaster.

BugBlaster said...

Matt, you must let them climb you, because soon they'll be too big.

My kids have said the same thing about the computer, but that's only because they want me off so that they can get on. I'm onto a plan of staying up late one night and doing three or four blog posts at once, and then posting them over the next several days. Hopefully won't neglect family that way.

It mystifies me how anyone can follow metas with 30+ comments. It takes an investment of more time and attention than I possess.

By the way, bummer about that last move, eh? You're in some serious peril, and your king-side's about to collapse. Checkmate within four moves if you don't stop the onslaught. I'd try to do a queen-side castle as soon as I could if I were you.

Gummby said...

Yeah, that was a blunder. But I'll try to keep fighting.

BugBlaster said...

Perfect! The wild beast is most dangerous when cornered.

William Dicks said...

I am with Carla on this one. I don't even switch my computer on before my kids (11 and 9) go to sleep at night unless one of them needs information for an assignment.

It is just too hectic before they go to bed, what with letting my son (9yr) read to me or testing his spelling or on the other hand helping my daughter (11yr) with her assignments. Between this it is supper time, bath time and finally bed time. We try to get them to bed by 8pm, but sometimes there is more work to be done by the kids than usual.

Of course, I can't get onto my PC in the mornings since I am out of the house by 5:50am to battle traffic to work.

jthomas899 said...


As we talked about last night, I share your problem with the computer. Its nice to know someone personally who blogs. See you next week.

Jeff Thomas

William Dicks said...


You are so lucky.

Here where I am (Pretoria, South Africa) I do not know anyone that blogs, nevermind anyone likeminded that blogs!

William Dicks

jthomas899 said...

William, Matt is actualy the first person I have met personally who blogs. I stumbled across Matt by accident. Matt and I have the honor being taught Greek by Dr. Zemek, and last Saturday I found his blog by a link from another blog.


Jeremy Weaver said...

My kids actually breathe a sigh of relief when I turn my computer on.

Gummby said...

With that Darth Doxo outfit on, it's not hard to see why.

BugBlaster said...

It's not the outfit, it's The Force Lightning. What kid would want Darth Dad's full attention?

Gummby said...

Ooh--good point.