Monday, April 24, 2006

A Time of Testing

Note: Blogger ate this post when it was originally published, so no one saw it. I will have to update when I have time. We would still appreicate your prayers, however.

Would appreciate your prayers today.

We are taking our son down to be tested for Aspergers (a sort of high-functioning Autism). An official diagnosis should open the door to some more treatment options for us.

The testing will last well into the afternoon, and the little guy will probably be tired when it's all done (not to mention he's missing his nap).

And, to top it all off, I have a Greek test tonite.

Any & all prayers would be appreciated.


Kim said...


Your family is in our prayers. Sometime, you need to e-mail either Buggy or me. We know a lot about Asperger's. We have been acquainted with someone who has Asperger's for about four years now.

Chris Pixley said...


Just saw this post this (Sat.) a.m. We continue to pray for young Caleb and your dear family. We are well acquainted with the "testing" you speak about, understanding that there is more than medical testing going on in these trials. Please keep us informed of the results.

We trust God is indeed accomplishing good for you all in these difficulties as well as getting much glory for Himself! So, while we weep with you in your pain we also rejoice with you in the knowledge that God is accomplishing His good and wise purposes even through hardship.