Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ten Simple Pleasures

From the Buggy tag earlier this week.

Ten Simple Pleasures
Spending time with my wife
Playing with my kids, especially "tickle"
Reading (Bible, books, and blogs)
Listening to music
Talking about God with other believers
Eating a home-cooked meal
Playing chess (though only recently)
Drinking Coca-Cola
Being thankful for the Lord's blessings and His grace

As a bonus, here are some complicated pleasures:
Trying to learn languages (Greek & Spanish)
Playing chess against the computer (and the computer-like brain of BugBlasterLasker)
Studying the Bible
Reading anything written prior to about 1900, or by any member of Triablogue

I'm gonna tag:
All the members of TOOT
My long lost friend Hemsch (are you still alive, Dude?)


Kim said...

Coca-cola and chess. You and Buggy will one day have to play a real game with a real Coke. He's a Coke lover, too.

BugBlaster said...

Arghhh, Matt. As if. You made one bad move. If your position is a little tough it's only because of that one move. At least your 11 year old doesn't say to you: "Dad, you must be really bad at this because you're losing to an 11 year old."

It's your move by the way. Kiss your rook goodbye.

Gummby said...

BB: Yeah, I should have seen that coming.

Kim: Lord willing, we will do just that one day.

BugBlaster said...

That would be fun!

Dan B. said...

Matt--loved the mention of "anything written by Triablogue"

Do those guys ever sleep? Do they have something holding up their massive intellect? Seriously, they are great writers/apologists that sometimes I cannot even get my head around, much less sometimes understand what they are talking about in the first place (but glad they are in our camp to defend the faith)! When Frank first pointed them out on Pyromaniacs, saying "these guys don't play", he wasn't kidding.

My wife and I always joke when one of us is at the computer, and we can hear that person using the scroll button on the mouse (and scrolling, and scrolling) and we can immediately tell what the other is reading.

Gummby said...

Thanks, Dan. Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way.