Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Immigration Issue: Finally, some light found!

Kudos to Tom Ascol, who has brought some much needed light to a discussion that thus far seems filled only with heat (read lots of hot air).

One thing that has been missing from this discussion is the biblical issues involved. As he always does, Tom reminds us that political issues have spiritual implications, and that they are not always as black-or-white as one might think. He concludes with a hope for Congress and an admonition for churches.


johnMark said...

I disagree with some of the issues the way Tom presented them. Steve reflects some of my own thoughts here: http://triablogue.blogspot.com/2006/04/killing-with-kindness.html

Maybe we can discuss this in #pros. I have been meaning to make a post about this, but I have been too busy.


Gummby said...

When I first read the Tria article, I thought "did we really read the same article?"

But upon reflection, I'll probably have to write an update--I think Tria was faithful to what was written, and I let some of my own experience into the mix.

Dunno if I'll make it to #Pros to chat, but I'll at least try to add some balance to my own post. Thanks for the comment.