Sunday, May 14, 2006

1st Baby Picture post

Yes, it really is 4 in the morning, and we just finished feeding Isaac.

Would have posted something sooner, but it's been pretty busy, and we I had some trouble finding the cord for the digital camera.

Mark, this one is for you. More to come (when I find time to edit a few--ha!).


Kim said...

Wow, he has a pretty chubby set of cheeks for not being a week old yet!

Looks pretty happy at the moment. Hope Mrs. G. is getting the rest she needs.

The Clinging Vine said...

What a poppet he is!

Already has a fairly serious view of the world, looks like. ;^)

Congrats again, Matt.


BugBlaster said...

Looking good!!!!

Anonymous said...

He's gorgeous- I can't wait to meet him in person!!
Love you guys!

Very proud Aunt:)

Matt Brown said...


Mark said...

thanks Mr. Dude - its about time. Hope you guys are all doing well - sure your house is crazy:) Talk to you soon.