Monday, May 01, 2006

False Alarm!

Sorry, false alarm. No baby.

The doc did say he expected him to come sometime this week, though, so stay tuned.

Update (05/02/06 7:48 AM CT)

After I posted the false alarm, the contractions started again. We got to about 7 minutes apart, and I told Frank & Carla online we were on our way. But the contractions slowed down, and finally stopped about 1 AM or thereabouts, so no baby yet.

Stay tuned.


Jonathan Moorhead said...

Matt, exciting times. Enjoy it!

Kim said...

Oh, bummer! I was hoping to see a formal announcement.

Still praying, Matt.

BugBlaster said...

Sleep while you still can.

Dan B. said...

Will be praying for you today--there's a couple in our church that are good friends of ours that will be induced tomorrow if she doesn't have it today.


Carla said...

Gummby! You tricked us, how dare you. ;o)

{{{{{ Mrs. Gummby }}}}}

Looking forward to the arrival of the newest Gummball.

(I have to add, Frank cracked me up last night when Gummby told us he had to leave, he was taking the Mrs. to the hospital - that the baby was on the way. Frank said "okay Gummby, have one for me!" Okay fine, I guess you had to be there, it was funny.)

AmbyUK said...

Oh, how familiar that sounds... just remember, this too shall pass! It's excruciatingly difficult to go through days or weeks of on-again-off-again labour. I can only pray that for your wife it had the effect it had on me... it made for me being 7cm on arrival at the hospital shortly followed by a baby being born. :)

Patrick Chan said...

Not sure if you've mentioned this before, but do you guys have any ideas on the baby's name, by the way? If not, I'd like to note -- oh, you know, for no reason or anything -- that the name "Pat" works for both boys as well as girls! ;-)