Monday, May 22, 2006

The New Baby (a photo essay)

In honor of Baby Isaac's two weeks out in the world...

Day One: The Delivery

Here he is, right out of the blocks, trying out those lungs.

Here is the proud grandmother (this was Nana's first time with us in the delivery room).

Here is the equally as proud grandfather (who opted out of delivery room duty this time).

Day Two: The Family Visits

Grandma from Arizona

An extra treat--a great grandmother sees another grandson.

Big sissy.

The biggest brother.

The bashful brother (and Dad).

The proud family.

Day 3: Home at last

Head Shot.

Turn to the side.

Mom & Dad's favourite time of the day.

Bonus: the Sycophantic Sidekick

The proud dad with his son.

How's that for product placement?

Epilogue: He wants to rule the world!

Hospital issued vomit bag

Is there no end to this guy's marketing?


Carla said...

I loved seeing the pics of baby & the whole family. Thank you for sharing those. :o)

Jeremy Weaver said...

Great pictures! Coulda done without the pictures of you though.

BugBlaster said...

You have more hair than I thought. You have WAY more hair than Jeremy.

Thanks for the pictures!

4given said...

Whenever I see adorable baby pics, I have to leave a comment... BEAUTIFUL baby!!!

Now the Centuri0n chunder bag was classic.

Kim said...

Wonderful pictures, Matt!

I wish I could meet your whole family. Your kiddies are adorable.

RevGoT said...

Congrats! What a brood! What a man!

Caught you at Pyromaniac! You're tempting me to be a blogging fool. Oh well like Paul says, "If we're out of our minds it's for your sakes.!"

Peace out from the great white North.