Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Baby Updates

I'm consolidating the baby update posts here, so that any who would like to can keep track.

05/10/06 13:21
Home at last! The baby arrived at 11pm on Monday, May 8th.

I will put an official post up later, but for now, let me just say on behalf of my wife, myself, and baby Isaac, thank you for all your prayers.

05/08/06 10:00
Nothing. Nada. No va. We did take a nice walk last night, though.
Keep praying for us, that the baby would come soon, and that we would have patience until then.

05/07/06 16:15
The antibiotics seem to be working, but we still have a bad cough. Not a whole lot else for the update. Our next OB appt. is tomorrow, and we were hoping not to keep it.

05/05/06 13:50
Well, it's official: the Mrs. is sick. Doc gave her a zPac, and she is resting at the moment. :(

Dad & kids will probably have to go without her to the work picnic tonite.

05/05/06 9:00
Nothing happening. How much of nothing? Mrs. G & I went to see MI:III last night at the late movie. I'm getting too old for that kind of stuff.

05/03/06 19:55
Back home from the hospital. Lots of contractions, but no progress. :(
On the plus side, my mom & grandma are flying in from Phoenix later tonite, and we're excited about that.

05/03/06 16:30
We're having a few contractions, and given where we are, the doctor's office said come on in to the hospital. If we're far enough, they may continue the process. Or, we may just come home.

05/03/06 13:45
We had a lovely morning together while the kids were at Community Bible Study. We got some Raspberry tea for Mrs. Gummby--the latest suggestion for labor instigation. She's had a cup, and is now resting peacefully. In fact, a little afternoon nap sounds good. Don't hate me for that--you wouldn't want to be me a week from now.

05/03/06 9:00
Relatively quiet night. No regular contractions. Despite my best efforts to get her to eat some spicy Mexican food, it was a no go. I figure one more night, maybe two, and she'll be willing to try anything. Mmm--chicken fajita nachos, here I come!

05/02/06 7:48
After I posted the false alarm, the contractions started again. We got to about 7 minutes apart, and I told Frank & Carla online we were on our way (we were actually on the phone with the doctor at that point). But the contractions slowed down, and finally stopped about 1AM 3AM or thereabouts (I guess I just fell asleep in the chair at 1AM), so no baby yet, and little sleep as well. Guess the Lord is still in the preparation stage.

Stay tuned.

05/01/06 21:39
Sorry, false alarm. No baby.
The doc did say he expected him to come sometime this week, though, so stay tuned.

05/01/06 20:18
Moving To Yellow Alert
Yes, it may be time for baby.
If you don't see me post for the next couple of days, you'll know why.


BugBlaster said...

Maybe some aerobics?

The Mains said...

We're standing by...


Kim said...

Bugblaster, what a terrible comment! You should know better.

BugBlaster said...

Aerobics is merely the next logical step after spicy food and Raspberry tea.

Rebekah said...
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Rebekah said...
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Rebekah said...

Some folks would give ANYTHING to be in your shoes in about a week, Matt. You might even call us envious, if that weren't a sin. :)

Has your wife tried evening primrose oil (orally or as a suppository)? There are lots of things that supposedly jumpstart labor, so if you need other ideas, Google. I don't want to embarrass you further with details. :)

(I'm Dan B's wife, btw.)

Gummby said...

Hello, Dan B.'s wife, and welcome! Yes, we talked about a few of those things, but we're still looking for alternatives. I didn't think of Google, though. Have to try that.

BB: You're laughing about the aerobics thing, but the Mains, who commented above you, actually suggested a little jump on the trampoline. That's what she did when she was pregnant, and it worked. We eliminated that one as well, though.

Libbie said...

No progress? Pah! If she's having contractions, then something is happening, it's just happening too slow for it to be quantified properly. I've laboured in this piddly stoppy-starty way, and I do know how frustrating it is. But she is getting somewhere, honest.

BugBlaster said...

I was only partially joking. My former boss's wife walked up and down a hill several times to kickstart things.

AmbyUK said...

Oh, my heart goes out to your wife! It's so tough, but try to remember that the baby knows when it's time. It's not necessarily a good thing to hurry it along either (I can say this now because I'm not heavily pregnant, but at the time I seriously considering begging my Dr. to induce me!).

With Cora, I went to the hospital on Easter Sunday and was sent home again. I basically had contractions on and off (5 mins apart) until Wednesday when I had an OB appointment and he stripped my membranes. I was 3-4cm, and there started actual 'you'll have a baby within a day labour'.

I will be praying for you and your wife. My email is amby (at) invigorated (dot) org if she or you would like a friendly sympathetic ear. I'm a doula too, so here are my best tips for her:
-bounce on a birthing ball (or exercise ball). This helps bring the baby down and put pressure on the cervix which encourages it to dilate.
-when contractions start, take a nice warm bath. If it's not time yet that will usually cause the contractions to ease up. If it is time they will still get more intense.
-talk to the baby! It sounds silly but talking to the baby about how she is feeling can really help.
-pray pray pray :)

Carla said...

Walking. Lots of walking. Oh, and pizza. In fact, walking to the local pizza shop oughta do it.

:o) Dontcha just love old wives tales? (Actually the walking part is true).

Will baby Gumbball share a birthday with baby Challies? Or, was baby Challies the opening act for baby Gumm? :o)

Looking forward to the good news & keeping you all in prayer.

BugBlaster said...

Hey, was the movie any good?

Gummby said...

Well, we liked it, but I don't consider myself by any means unbiased here. We are fans of the director J.J. Abrams' work, particularly on Alias, and there were shades of that in what was on screen, including starting the story near the end and then going back.

It was a little more like the TV episodes (which I am also a big fan of). Oh, and Philip Seymour Hoffman was deliciously bad.

Downside, lots of killing, some onscreen making out (though thankfully no nakedness to go with it).

Overall, I'd give it 4 out of 5 gumballs.

The Mains said...

Too old for late-night movies or rush-of-adrenaline action movies?

I saw the first MI movie in the Bynum theatre many years ago...I think it started at midnight.

Last night, I was in bed at 9:30. If I had to watch a movie last night, I probably would have preferred watching "Driving Miss Daisy" again.

I'm too old for all of that.

Still waiting with you...


Kim said...

Send Mrs. G. my best.

Kim said...

You know, my 14 year old was very over due, and we concluded (after three months of horrid screaming - him, not me) that it was because he simply didn't want to leave his nice, warm, little piece of the world. To this day, he is very anti-change. I wonder if your little one will turn out like that.

The Mains said...

If you're so inclined, pray for the Gumms tonight.

...and stay tuned for an update from Matt.

(in the form of an announcement, perhaps...
Tuesday morning perhaps...
height/weight/name perhaps???)