Saturday, October 28, 2006

Mr. and Mrs. Charles in Charge

The commercial real estate appraiser has gone missing, which is nothing if not distressing.

Yes, we have a note that says he's in Florida, but it's an internet note. If you think that's reliable then I have a friend in Burkina Faso who would like to use your bank account to transfer the million dollar fortune of the widow of the prime minister. You will receive a generous commission, of course. Trust me, it is all on the up and up. It's how Mrs. Charles earned her fortune, such fortune being by far her most endearing feature.

But back to the mystery of Gummby... There has been a suspicious dearth of blogging by someone who was formerly known as a prolific writer. We must ask... when did the desertification of Still Reforming first begin? And we must answer...
Not drawing conclusions mind you, merely observing facts... The only thing of which we can be certain is that the northern bug and the snow princess are entirely innocent in this matter.

Nay, this is all a little too dark to be explained by a fictional trip to Florida. Gummby has either absconded, or has been absconded himself. But be of good cheer. Nick and Nora Charles are on the job. Well I am anyways. Mrs. Charles has never worked a day in her life.


Jeremy Weaver said...

193 days? Wow, that's nearly (counting on fingers and toes) x weeks and y months! (Where x=193/7 and y=193/365*12)

Gummby said...

There has been a suspicious dearth of blogging by someone who was formerly known as a prolific writer.

In my own defense, I'm pretty sure Phil was joking about me being prolific, particularly when you look at the post he links to there. On the other hand, I hope he was serious about the loyal part.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Nick. Hope you find your "Thin Man."

Nora said...


Never worked a day in my life, you say? Let me tell you, it's work being married to you.

Gummby said...

Where's Asta?

Carla said...

um... was all of that code-speak for "I want a beagle puppy"?


Charles Sebold said...

I am pretty sure that only people with a first name of "Charles" can be in charge.

And I will take no credit or blame for scaring Gummby out of the blogosphere with my "Little Known Facts" post. To be honest, after I wrote that, he nearly scared me out of it.

Gummby said...

Bah! That was just "iron sharpening iron."