Wednesday, October 04, 2006

TBTB: Too Busy to Blog

Since I'm too busy to blog, I'm linking to a post I did for Neil's blog.

God's Unexpected Answers To Prayer


Anonymous said...


Thank you for calling him by his actual name. I think he's regretting his choice of Bugblaster. Being called Bugs is one thing, but a few people have called him "Bugger," which is a moniker no one wants.

BugBlaster said...

Who's Neil?

Gummby said...

It's that guy who's married that nice homeschool mom, who used to have a blog about like, the Old Testament or something.

But then all these weirdos started posting there. Like that guy in your picture.

BugBlaster said...

Yeah, it went downhill once I let in the riffraff.