Friday, October 27, 2006

Where's Gummby?

Ok, no one has actually asked where I am. I don't know if I should be worried or relieved.

Anyway, here's a brief retrospective on the first 45 days of work, and what I'm up to now.

It has been an interesting few weeks. I'm thankful for the opportunity God has given me to do something new, and it has been a real challenge.

Perhaps the most challenging thing is wanting to do everything right and perfect when I don't always even know what I'm doing to begin with. That must be God teaching me patience.

I'm teaching a class at church on stewardship, and this week's lesson included a discussion of rest, and WHAM! I realized,"I'm not doing this--I'm violating the very thing I'm trying to teach others. I'm not trusting God to help me finish what I need to get done; I'm trying to do all of this with my frail arm of flesh." That, my friends, was a real eye opener.

So I've been trying to get enough rest to go with my work.

Up next: a training class in Florida. Yeah, I know what you're thinking--"oh, I feel really bad for him; he's probably staying right on the beach." As a matter of fact, I am...with some friends I met from my former job. Chances are, I won't even get sand between my toes, I'm going to be so busy. Not much time for blogging either, so this will be the last post for awhile.

Oh, and just to show you my rotten timing, er, God's providence, a little birdy Wrigley told me that I'll be missing an opportunity to meet Mr. and Mrs. Pyro while I'm down in Florida.

If you care to, you can pray for God to work out my logistical issues. I inadvertantly scheduled my flight at noon of the day I take my final exam. Not too smart--next time I'll pay extra to have a travel agent make my arrangements.

More importantly, I would appreciate prayer for my family--particularly my wife, who will be home with all five kids (ages 7 to 6 months) for nearly a week by herself.



Anonymous said...

I just figured you were busy. Will pray for the family in your absence.

Anonymous said...

Please tell Mrs. Gummby that I'll be thinking of her next week. I only have three children, but when Buggy was away when they were little, it was very tiring.

Nan said...

Aww poor Mrs. Gummby! I hate it when RevGot leaves me. It's so exhausting. (I'm working on having sympathy for you but I'm just not feelin' it ('cept I know how dh misses the kids and me while he's away!)

Even So... said...

Where in Florida?

I know you will be busy, but still, if you are anywhere near, I will come to you, don't be scared...